There’s a Second Time For Everything
12th August 2014
Lambrusco 2
"I'd never had lambrusco before--not even entirely sure I'd heard of it"
They say lambrusco is making a comeback. Who’s they? Well, there’s this article from the New York Times a couple of years ago.–it provides some context for its bad...continue reading
Sick Day
5th August 2014
Sidewalks 2
"Another analog [for Luiselli] would be Rebecca Solnit. In fact, she might be the best one."
Hilary was out of town last week which means that I ate tacos, pizza and take-out Chinese for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and watched as many terrible movies (World...continue reading
Halt and Jam Playlist
1st August 2014
Halt and catch fire
Despite the comparisons to Mad Men being both inevitable and plenty, I’m really enjoying AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. Sure, I’ve got some quibbles (Joe and Cameron’s first meeting?...continue reading
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