Sick Day
5th August 2014
Sidewalks 2
"Another analog [for Luiselli] would be Rebecca Solnit. In fact, she might be the best one."
Hilary was out of town last week which means that I ate tacos, pizza and take-out Chinese for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and watched as many terrible movies (World...continue reading
Halt and Jam Playlist
1st August 2014
Halt and catch fire
Despite the comparisons to Mad Men being both inevitable and plenty, I’m really enjoying AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire. Sure, I’ve got some quibbles (Joe and Cameron’s first meeting?...continue reading
The Six Pack with Dan Epstein
"Dick Allen, Dave Parker and "Disco" Dan Ford? THOSE cats had style!"
There’s an adage about sports books: The smaller the ball, the greater the appeal. While that doesn’t quite take into account stone cold classics about boxing (A.J. Leibling’s The...continue reading
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