Every Day Is Like Sunday,…
16th February 2014
"What began as an exercise has turned into an obsession of sorts, but thankfully an enjoyable one."
From the introduction to Sci-Fi Sundays, Vol. 1 “In September 2010, I began watching a sci-fi movie with my roommates every Sunday, hoping to pinpoint the specific visions of...continue reading
Treasure Island!!! Marks the Spot
11th February 2014
"Our heroine, who begins the book as "a person unable to decide what to do about [her] broken mini-blinds," soon finds herself transformed, as if by pirate's curse, into a Tasmanian devil of ego and self-absorption."
It seems beside the point to describe Sara Levine’s Treasure Island!!! (Europa, 2012) as brash, irreverent and inspired. All the evidence you need is right there in its title....continue reading
The Six Pack with John Dufresne
19th September 2013
"There does seem to be a uniquely Floridian crime fiction, doesn't there? The place is so lovely and serene that it invites mayhem. That's my theory."
The secret is out on Florida. It’s wild place, strange and beautiful, with a twisted past and an equally twisted present. And while there is no shortage of writers...continue reading
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