The Six Pack with Dan Goldman
Dan Goldman pic
"Usually I hate every fucking panel of my work until it’s lettered and alive… and that’s my proud papa moment."
Take one look at Dan Goldman’s Red Light Properties and you’ll see that things aren’t quite what they seem. Are those glow-in-the-dark ghosts on the cover? Yes. And on...continue reading
On Onions, On Metaphor
18th March 2014
"The biological mission of an emotional tear, it seems, is peace. The other kind of tears, called reflex tears, don't have the same chemical mind-control potential."
Published in 2012, On Onions is a combination “photographic study” by Elad Lassry (arranged by Stuart Bailey) and essay by Angie Keefer. For those unfamiliar with Lassry’s work, he...continue reading
Every Day Is Like Sunday,…
16th February 2014
"What began as an exercise has turned into an obsession of sorts, but thankfully an enjoyable one."
From the introduction to Sci-Fi Sundays, Vol. 1 “In September 2010, I began watching a sci-fi movie with my roommates every Sunday, hoping to pinpoint the specific visions of...continue reading
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